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Our traditional herbal remedy for a healthy gallbladder.

OSPAFEL® has been shown to exert significant anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects and is therefore advised by health professionals as a natural remedy to support a specific beneficial cure.


The quantities of the five components are administered in a sub-pharmacological dose. The biological actions of the single ingredients have been demonstrated by numerous in-vitro and in-vivo pre-clinical experiments.

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The five components of OSPAFEL® have proven bioactivity to cater for the disease-specific need of increased amounts of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, thus being of significant impact for the health management of biliary ailments.


Additional properties act on normalisation of bile salt pool as well as on gallbladder motility. OSPAFEL® therefore, is well established as a supportive flow agent in case of biliary disorders. As such, it looks back to a long history of proven effects and success in many European and Asian countries.


Main properties of Ospafel


Prevents wall injuries and abnormal motility of gallbladder



Heals micro-injuries and inhibits pro-inflammatory agents


Metabolic normalisation

Prevents gallstone formation by normalising bile salt pool


Bile flow attenuation

Causes slow-down of increased flow and increase of reduced flow


Hepatoprotective action 

Provides protection of liver cells from toxic effects

OSPAREN® is classified as a food supplement in the country of origin and as a natural product, herbal product, medicinal product or OTC in other countries.

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